renewable energies

Renewable Energy Photovoltaic and Biomass

With the rise in Italy the production of renewable energy, the company has strengthened its know-how and the technical means to ensure the realization of photovoltaic and biomass plants of small, medium and large grid-connected. The activity is performed mainly on external sites successfully operating in the sector throughout the national and international.

Photovoltaic systems

The Fadem, growing company is renewed and modernized continuously according to market needs, photovoltaics is one of many accomplishments. Our policy is to run projects as efficiently and profitably as possible, ensuring the delivery in accordance with the predetermined budget and the work ethic. The company is able to offer its customers a highly professional service, the activity is supported by the availability of all necessary equipment and a team of technicians and installers with experience gained in the field.

For installation we mean:

  • Retrofitting of the building site in compliance with all security charges
  • Positioning of all the materials
  • Mounting structures
  • Check anchors and any waterproofing
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels
  • Mounting of inverters
  • Cable routing and wiring panels
  • Test

A Biomass plants

Following the positive results achieved with photovoltaics, the company is on the market for the production of electrical or biomass plants to produce electricity using biomass as fuel which are composed of animal origin (flour, fat, poultry droppings) or plant (agricultural waste, wood chips, waste crusher, crushed dried leaves, sawmill byproducts).