Fadem S.R.L

Company profile

The Fadem SRL was founded in 2008 based on the supply and installation of naval  and industrial machineries.
The Fadem SRL has a permanently-manned located in Trecase in the province of Naples, which carries out all the supporting activities:

  • Administration
  • Technical Office
  • Commercial Office
  • Consulting and management contracts depositing material, equipment and tools

The strength of the company has always been the dynamism with which he faced various difficulties. Understood as a dynamic index of an efficient organization, excellent quality of services, quick delivery of the work and to respond promptly to specific customer requirements and market needs.
Setting organizational efficiency and flexibility enables it to acquire works "turnkey" managing all their activities (supply, installation, testing, support and maintenance) in order to optimize time and work thanks to the collaboration of staff highly qualified and specialized that allows us to offer products and services of high quality. The company has grown to become a landmark in the field of oil, gas, Naval and 'Energy.
Fadem S.R.L. is part of the Consortium Elmec Group Ltd., consisting of 6 companies, each specializing in its field with the goal of exploiting and maximizing the synergy due to their collaboration. The main areas of activity are: Oil & Gas, Naval and Energy.

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